International students become live streamers in countryside: This is the real well-off life in China  
From agricultural development and e-commerce, to cultural tourism, folk heritage and enhancing education, all the international students were marveling at the revitalization of Chinese villages.[Details]
  Young Pakistani’s business takes off in Hunan: Its openness brings me huge opportunities for development
“Hunan is opening up. More and more international exchanges and foreign trade are happening here, especially exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). We can see huge opportunities for development,” said Haky when speaking of his choice of Hunan.[Details]
UK expat records the unique beauty of old Changsha on social media  
Damion, 43, is an English teacher at an international school in Changsha. Damion visited China in his world tour more than 10 years ago, and then decided to live in a city boasting a long history and profound cultures. Changsha, an ancient city with several thousand years of history, was finally chosen as his destination.[Details]
  China has been actively opening up to the world, says German expert Hans Georg Ackermann
“When I first came to China, there was only one small airport in Beijing. Now, not only does Beijing have several large international airports, but there are also many flights from other Chinese cities to all over the world. For example, Changsha airport has more than 40 international and regional flights,” said Hans Georg Ackermann from Bavaria, Germany.[Details]
Japanese entrepreneur defines the internationalization of Hunan: Open, inclusive and livable  
“After the old industrial zone in Zhuzhou was relocated, the air quality is improved, the sky is azure blue and the water is crystal clear. All this makes me happier living here,” said Naoki Morita, a Japanese who has been working and living in China for more than 10 years, during which he moved from Jinan to Shanghai and other places. In 2016, he settled down in Hunan and planned to work in Zhuzhou until retirement.[Details]
  Young Pakistani in Hunan marvels at the rapid development of China
While joking with local employees in dialects, witnessing the continuous innovation and upgraded generations of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive's products that are going to the world, and recalling the unforgettable experience of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Rafiq Khan has now fallen in love with Hunan and Hunan cuisine. [Details]
Italian executive thinks learning about Chinese culture is a must for foreign enterprises in China  
Watching dragon boat races in the Dragon Boat Festival; appreciating the moon in the Mid-Autumn Festival; making dumplings during the Spring Festival; Organizing company events in accordance with the Chinese zodiac calendar; helping poor families in remote mountain areas of Hunan with his Chinese friends.[Details]
  Japanese civil servant in Hunan thinks China-Japan exchanges should be people-to-people and heart-to-heart
Having lived in Hunan for more than two years, this Japanese civil servant who likes Chinese culture also falls in love with the local spicy food, whose favorite dish is stir-fried bacon with dried radish. He can sing “Liuyang River” (a local ode to the mother river of Changsha) and has also witnessed the changes in the city.[Details]
First foreign teacher to set up a scholarship in Hunan: Bridging communications between China and South Korea  
“Donting, nibbling at the distant hills and gulping down the Yangtze, strikes all beholders as vast and infinite, presenting a scene of boundless variety...” Inspired by the scene described by Fan Zhongyan in the literature Yueyang Tower, Lee and his wife came to Hunan in 2000.[Details]
  Brazilian technologist’s dream comes true in China: China is presenting the world with more opportunities
Fabiano graduated from the Control and Automation Engineering Department of Sociedade educacional de Santa Catarina, Brazil. Before coming to China, he worked as an operation, maintenance, investment and reliability specialist for a series of projects at ArcelorMittal Vega in Brazil. [Details]
Young Ghanaian becomes “goalkeeper”of community-based anti-epidemic work: Filled with gratitude and love  
Five years ago, Wang Dawei, 26, came all the way from the Republic of Ghana to study at Hunan City University in Yiyang, out of his love for China. In this August, a COVID-19 case was diagnosed in Yiyang. Among the volunteers on the front line of epidemic prevention, this tall and tanned guy from Ghana was particularly eye-catching.[Details]